The Southern African (SADC) region has a large youth population and employment for our youth. This results in high levels of youth unemployment and underemployment. The lack of formal employment irregularity of work and social protection means that youth in the SADC region face poverty and inequality. These challenges are compounded by a lack of credible information and lack of mobilisation around youth employment. The Southern African Alliance on Youth Employment (SAAYE),a youth based and youth-driven initiative, has emerged in an effort to turn this situation around. SAAYE is a project of the SADC Apex Alliance comprises the SADC Council of NGOs (SADCCNGOs), the Southern African Trade Union Co-coordinating Council (SATUCC) and the Economic Justice Network of the Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa (EJN of FOCCISA).The Apex Alliance has the ability to amplify domestic voice at the regional level. The project profiles youth employment issues in the region, placing these issues on the public policy agenda. The SAAYE project does not view employment in terms of job-seeking only, recognising the growing number of youth Southern Africans entrepreneurs who are net job creators. Recently the SADC Secretariat adopted the Youth Employment Promotion Policy Framework (YEPPF). The YEPPF provides a coordinated approach to dealing with the challenge of youth unemployment and is a framework for SADC Member States to translate their ‘commitments on youth unemployment into reality’. SAAYE will provide a vehicle, through cooperation and collaboration, for the implementation of the policy framework.